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Should I continue making stories?

Hey guys, I need you help. I feel like not doing story's anymore because I feel like a never fallow up on them. What should I do, please post any ideas.

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• 4h

Some random opinion

Don’t you hate the people that are in love with Susie?
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• 8h

Fraston’s short stories: Kirby infinity war

Fraston’s short stories: Kirby infinity war (spoiler warning for avengers: infinity war)

*in a top secret lab underneath Kirby’s house*

Kirby (with a lab coat on): so, Magolor and I have been researching possible applications for those heart pieces.

Magolor (has a little more white in his outfit than usual): We have made a breakthrough. We made a glove that uses the pieces to manipulate time and space.


Ribbon: This doesn’t sound very safe...

Kirby: We can use it to prevent the coming of the “Jambelievers.”

Magolor: *presenting the gauntlet to everybody* Don’t touch! It’s dangerous!

Ribbon: I told you so...

*I was, at this moment, that Susie yanked the gauntlet from Magolor’s hands and put it on her hand*

Susie: WOW! It feels great! It’s like I can change fate! Wait... KIRBY! 

Kirby: y-yes, Susie?

Magolor: *to himself* Crap.


Magolor: *to himself, again* Crap, Crap CRAP!

Kirby: I-I threw a heart onto you, and you started l-liking me.

Magolor: *to himself, yet again* This was a terrible idea!


Magolor: Welp, uh, bye bye. *opens portal beneath Susie*

Susie: *rises up into the air* NOPE! NOT LISTENING TO YOU, YOU SLAVE OF KIRBY!

Magolor: Don’t do this Susie, I don’t know what’s happening, but this sure is wrong.

Kirby: Nope, nope, NOPE! I’m outta here! Get well soon Susie, ‘Cause you SURE AREN’T sociable in this state! *runs up the stairs*

Magolor: *swings sword and hits Susie in the hand*

Susie:*groans* should’ve aimed for the head... 

Magolor: I’m not trying to kill you! *swings sword again and knocks the gauntlet loose* EVERYONE, PULL!

Everyone: *pulls and yanks the gauntlet off, sends bouncing across the room*

Susie: what happened? I wanted to try on a glove, then everything went black.

Everyone: looks at Susie, then the “jamba gauntlet” , then back again.

Magolor: We learned a valuable lesson today: THAT THING IS DANGEROUS!

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• 1d

Transcripts for Kirby Right Back At Ya!

I wish the Kirby anime episodes in wiki will have transcripts just like the other wikis.

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• 1d

Who is your favorite dream friend?

  • King Dedede
  • Meta Knight
  • Susie
  • Gooey
  • Dark Meta Knight
  • Daroach
  • Other (Reply)
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• 1d

Admins, permaban StarSky8!

She's pretending to be Pac Man 273!
And she's not as dashingly wonderful as him.
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• 2d

So uh...

I see we’re attracting lots of new users...and there’s a fake Pac...what...?
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• 3d

Should I post a series of stories?

The stories I would be making would be about Kirby and his dream friends and their misadventures. So should I make it?
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• 3d

Something totally random

Kirby is adorable.

What if I made Nintendo character covers of songs by hiring different singers (because I can't sing well) to sing as the characters?

No, Dedede and Meta Knight WOULD NOT have accents.
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• 3d

Kirby’s Dream friends when he’s away

I thought it would be fun to write as some of the pink puffball’s dream friends when he’s away. What do you think?

Marx: whew... kirby went out for a lunch break.

Susie: I’m surprised that he didn’t eat one of us, I mean, he isn’t that stupid, but at the same time, I don’t think he really likes us. I cant imagine him having a memory that is so short-term that he is friends with his enemies!

Dark meta knight: And he has awful table manners!

Susie: that too.

Adeleine: Lets try to talk about Kirby’s positive aspects.

*Marx, Susie and Dark meta knight glare at her*

Adeleine: What? I just want to make it so we don’t get in trouble if he comes back In the middle of our conversation. 

Marx: I don’t think kirby CAN get mad at us. It’s like he’s programmed to love us to the point of standing in front of a powerful attack to save us!

Bandana Waddle Dee: *Vigorous jiggling*

Adeleine: How is that bad that kirby loves us?

Marx: I didn’t say that it was b-*Adeleine splashes Marx with a huge gout of paint* *sputters through paint* WHAT W-WAS THAT-T FOR?!

Adeleine: you were annoying me. I don’t like arguments. * Adeleine walks away, going “It’s not my fault if kirby gets mad at you all and expels you from his friendship!”*

Magolor: *Chuckles at Marx* congratulations kid, you got embarrassed in front of your temporary friends.

Susie: *frowns (she doesn’t have a mouth, but let’s just go with it) at Magolor* Who says this is temporary? I’m sure Rick (and Kine and Coo) would like to keep in touch with Gooey after this adventure is over!

Magolor: *exasperated* Fine. Your temporary/not so temporary friends.

Bandana Waddle Dee: I like Kirby all right, he’s a nice companion. When you put aside his table manners and tendency to eat people, He’s just a nice guy. Almost as pure as me. Almost. That’s just because of my reputation as “The pure boi”

Dark Meta Knight: At least he didn’t split ME into 4 pieces after what happened.

Meta Knight: *Glares at Susie*

Susie: Hey, at least you weren’t 4 of yourself. I turned you into a robot. A robot hell-bent on destroying Kirby, but whatever.

Kirby: Hey guys! I finished my lunch! Ready to continue the adventure?

Should I do more?

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• 3d

If Kirby characters dressed like Earthlings

Kirby's outfit: Baseball cap, flip flops (even though he doesn't have toes)

Meta Knight's outfit: Fingered gloves, Nike sneakers, cape-like coat, bling 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

King Dedede's outfit: Paper bag mask, white T-shirt, dull red button-up jacket, jeans
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• 4d

Inactive until Friday

I'll be in a cruise. Ashley Squeak Squad should come out on friday.

I'll try to make stories there.
I won't forget Splatales and Smashverse!
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• 4d

No one saw it.

A parody of Kirby Squeak Squad: Ashley Squeak Squad.

Featuring Ashley from WarioWare.
Ashley Squeak Squad: A Magical Start
Ashley Squeak Squad: A Magical Start @getfandom
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• 4d

Bad News

Hey Kirby Star Allies Fans & Players

Bad News

Guess What Ranked 6 Kirby star allies Of Most Disappointing Games Of 2018

İf You Don't Believe Me Here's Proof


Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018
Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2018 YouTube
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• 4d


Kirby is adorable.

Nintendo's Reggie said the DLCs in Smash Ultimate are not going to be from already-represented franchises. All of them will be surprises.

Want proof? Here you go!
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• 5d

Ashley Squeak Squad: A Magical Start

Previous Part:

(Wonder what our favourite Witch-in-Training is in for)

At 5-Volt's House...

9-Volt: It's here: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

18-Volt: I can't wait to play as King K. Rool!

K1rby: Nah, I'm playin' as Ridley, don't say he's too big!

Meta Knight: I'll just stick to myself in Smash.

9-Volt: What are you waiting for? Let's Smash!


Ashley: Still an Assist Trophy... Oh well, It'll have to do.

Red: I'm having a blast with this new World of Light mode, It's better than Brawl's Subspace Emissary!

Ashley: That's something I have to agree with.

The next morning...

Ashley: *yawn*

Red: NOOOOO!!!

Ashley: What's going on?

Red: My Nintendo Switch is gone, I'm only 80% away from completing World of Light!

Ashley: How are you sure that you are 80% away from completeing World of Light?

Red: I just guessed, that's it!

Ashley: Well, I know someone who knows who stole your Switch... Wario. If there's anyone who knows who stole something. It's him.

Red: Well what are we waiting for? Let's go!

At Wario's House, Wario... Is having a bad day... The WarioWare cast are complaining in his face... Even Kate...

Wario: I told you all, it wasn't me! Grr... If one more of you show up...

Ashley: Wario...

Wario: That's it!

Wario used his Side Smash on Ashley.

Ashley: Are you picking a fight?

Wario: Yes!

Ashley: Then lets go!

"Wario Defecates the Competition!"

"Ashley Conjures the Heat of Battle!"

1-Stock Battle - Unlimited Time!

Ashley Vs. Wario!

Stage: WarioWare Inc.

3... 2... 1... Smash!

One Smash Battle later...

Wario: I lost!? You have some potential to be in Smash!

Ashley: Who stole Red's Switch?

Daroach: It's was us!

(This music plays: )

Here Come The Squeaks...

Daroach: We are The Squeaks! Consisting of Storo, Doc, Spinni, the Squeakers, and me: Daroach! Since King Dedede banned us from stealing from Dreamland, we decided to steal elsewhere, and Diamond City looks promising.

Wario: It was them, they didn't just stole Red's Switch, they stole things all over Diamond City and put them in chests!

Mona: So I blamed Wario for nothing!?

18-Volt: Don't you know stealing's wrong?

Penny: They stole important Halacandra recearch!

Ashley:... I'll take care of these jerks.

Everyone looked at Ashley.

Kate: Ashley, are you sure!? They look tough!

Ashley: Eh.

Wario grabbed Ashley.

Wario: Go get em', Ashley!

Wario threw Ashley and she sent The Squeaks pummelling into a Manhole. Look's like Ashley's quest is just beginning.

Wario: I know you can do it!

Penny: We believe in you!

9-Volt: Now go and be a hero!

To be continued...


Ashley get's the spotlight. Soon it's Penny's... *looks at Misadventures of Penny Crygor and Kate* nevermind!


Splatoon Branch:

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• 5d

I just recieved word...

That Shantae, Shadow the Hedgehog, Geno, Rayman, and Bandana Waddle Dee (not shown in thumbnail) have officially become Spirits.

Here's proof:
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - All 1297 Spirits Showcase
Super Smash Bros Ultimate - All 1297 Spirits Showcase YouTube
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• 12/7/2018

Last night was great.

Smash Ultimate is out. I didn't have the patience to wait to play as Galacta Knight skinned Meta Knight, so I snuck downstairs at midnight and played for an hour and a half with my brother. This morning he let his tongue slip, but somehow I'm not grounded.

Great game btw. No Kirb skin though.

9/10: Needs more Kirb

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• 12/7/2018

To celebrate the release of SSBU,

I'm making a new rap battle! 'Cuz why not! This battle features the 6 original Animal Friends (including Gooey and Tokkori) up against the 8 original Smash Bros. fighters. The battle should be out by next week: I'll post the cover later today.

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• 12/7/2018

New Story Series!: Smashverse

I'm starting a new story series: Smashverse on Smashpedia!

Starting with the World of Light arc... Well Kirby survives Galeem's attack... And it's up to him to Save the Day...

And i'll also be featuring my Fightersona; Radar. I'll reveal more info on him soon.

FYI: Fightersona is a combination of "Fighter" and "Persona"
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