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Who has a better outfit in Ninja Dojo?

I vote for Meta Knight and Dedede because MK has a hood (and hoods are cool right?) and Dedede's outfit is just plain heccin dope (fyi, dope means cool)

This isn't a poll btw
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  • NO
  • NO
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Alright guys,

Are we attracting users or not? I've seen 4 new ones within the last few days.

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Who is your favorite redeemed modern Kirby character?

Since Everyone is making polls now, I decided to make one too. I thought of this one because I LOVE the modern Kirby games and the characters they introduced. You can probably guess who i’m going to vote for. :p

Who is your favorite?
  • Magolor
  • Taranza
  • Susie
  • Francisca
  • Flamberge
  • Zan Partizanne
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• 22h

Who would win? Fight is in Titan at Earth-616.

  • Kirby (can access abilitys)
  • Thanos (6 Infinity Stones at Earth-616)
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The next kirby game

I'd like it if the next Kirby game was a prequel to the first game, I'm not sure how it would work since Kirby would probably need to be a newborn unless some villain tries to kill Kirby via destroying his past so Kirby has to restore time and gets small glimpses of the past which leads into the post game mode where we play through the events leading up to before the first game.

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*everyone arrives at a large ranch* Beatrix: Welcome to my ranch! Kirby: Who's that purple-haired person? Beatrix: CASEY!!! *runs up to Casey and hugs them* Casey: Welcome back, sweetie! I took care of the ranch while you were away. Beatrix: Oh Casey... *Beatrix and Casey kiss* *Dedede vomits* Casey: And you brought friends! Who are they? Beatrix: The blue guy is Meta Knight, the pink dude is Kirby, the robed bird is Dedede, the 2D guy is Mr. Game & Watch, the little girl is Playtime, and that little boy is Villager. *Villager hides behind Dedede* Beatrix: He's shy, but you'll get used to him soon. *Villager's stomach growls* Dedede: I think Villager is hungry. *Casey hands Villager a cube-shaped strawberry* *Villager stares at the strawberry* Beatrix: That's a Cuberry. Don't worry, it's delicious! *Villager takes a tiny bite of the berry, then continues eating it* MK: Holy frickin meatballs... ARE THOSE KITTY SLIMES?!?! *jumps into the pile of kitty slimes* Casey: Those are Tabby Slimes. They also like to wiggle their butts. *Playtime sees some slimes in water* Playtime: Omigosh, these slimes are so cute! Casey: Those are Puddle Slimes, but don't get too close to them. Playtime: Why? Casey: They're shy. *Dedede sees an exploding slime* Dedede: Whoa, this one is dangerous! Casey: Stay away from that Boom Slime!!! *Villager sees some flying slimes in a solar-proof corral* Casey: Those are Phosphor Slimes. If they stay in the sun for too long, they'll die. *Villager sees a diamond-shaped object* Casey: And that is a Plort. We sell those back to Earth so things can be made from them. *Greg sees a radioactive kitty slime* Casey: That's a Largo. A Largo is what occurs when a slime eats a Plort that wasn't produced by that slime. Greg: I wanna feed it dis thingy! *holds up a pink Plort* Casey: NO, DON'T DO IT!!! *Greg does it anyway* Greg: Oops, sowwy... *the Largo turns into a monstrous, black slime* Dedede: Greg, why?
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Is Kirby cute?

  • Hell yep
  • hell nah (h8rs)
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Is Kirby Masahiro Sakurai’s Son?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Are you reviving that meme again?
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From now on, I'll start adding hints at the end of battles.

But here's a battle just for you guys! If you don't remember, back this summer I posted Susie VS Taranza, and that was so cruddy, but here's the remade version!


I’m not your Star Ally this time, that’s the truth!

I’m gonna win this battle,

And I don’t need a Miracle Fruit!

Call me a Dr-achanid, try to face this caped lord!

After I beat you up,

You won’t be able to Healmore!

I’ll specialize in beating robo-fools thrice,

Call it Triple Deluxe!

Try to say I’m a Kamek ripoff, I won’t care much!

Ando, trying to spit after my first 8 lines,

Well, you better Haltmann!

You wanna win in this modern massacre?

You’re probably in Dream Land!

Parallel Susie ain’t got nothing on me!

If I was announced later in ‘14,

I’d be the best at E3!

Obviously, my Kirby Clash is hard to beat!

You’ll revert to being idiotic,

After the latter game’s complete!

I’m a great Secto-ndary antagonist, Susie!

Me winning? For my fans, it’ll be a doozy!

It’s your turn to rap, the mic I’ll hand ya!

Just remember, you’ll fail against Taranza!


It’s time for me to beat this Robo-brat!

Saying you’re the victor?

I’ve had enough of that!

Your name honestly sounds like a Crackity Hack!

With only your two little Antlers,

You can’t even start a Coup D’état!

I’m a great inventor,

You’re a lost Hero in Another Dimension!

You’ll get screwed by so many 11/30,

No need to mention them…

It’s time for a game of pinball,

And you’re up at bat!

I’ll catch you in your own spider-web cape,

How about that?

There’s 1:11 ways to explain, that you’re a fail!

When I smack your face with my suit,


Your white eyes look like you’re blinded,

Read my lips in Braille!

Let’s take it down to World 3:

Snowball fight, crush you with hail!

Try to bail out of this fight, coward!

You’re gonna win? Yeah right!

It’s not the hour when you know,

That you’re not winning!

Let’s check the poll,

Your loss results are printing…


I’ve got a queen on my side,

You’ve got a father who’s insane!

Look at the difference, you can’t be in my lane!

You’re a ripoff of Curie, Goodall, and many more!

I’m better than you, look it up in the lore!

LISTEN, LOS-IE! You’re getting me ticked!

By so many other antagonists,

Your butt got kicked!

For SSBU, you’re a worse rep than Rick!

You’re a ripoff robot who thinks she can spit!

I’m coming in fast, you’ll be in last,

And you call me a Robo-brat?

I’ll make your company go SPLAT!

You’re becoming a Dream Friend like that rat!

Gonna watch you fly ‘way just like that!

I bet I’ve got you really mad!

My next line’s certainly not last!

Bleep. Bloop. That’s all you can chat?

Anyways, you’re messed up like your dad!

It’s been only a few years,

And your reputation is already bad!

Bringing the Halberd beyond to the moon?

You’re a lunatic!

You’ve watched my rhymes,

Come down like Bomb, KABOOM, KID!


I’ll control you like my environment,

HA! Like you’d understand!

I’m gonna MOP you up after,

Like the Mechanizing Occupation!

With my robotic team, we could form a nation!

We had a promise,

But then this pest had to break it!

I’m a slender woman,

Who will turn your white eyes pink!

Want me to bust your invisible eardrums?

Here’s a link!

I’m the executive assistant,

And a secondary antagonist like you!

I’m really ticked at you too!

I’ve had enough of this, fool!

You must be destroyed!

Within the next years, son!

I have a low opinion of you,

And you’re certainly not native!

I’ll freeze you with my ice cream!

And use my karaoke playlist,

To stomp this pest and leave him nameless!

I’ll leave you Patched, too!

All the fans will think you’re Plain!

Forget Bad Egg and you!

I get the modern fame!

Forget you being plain, you’re really lame!

This battle has been produced,


(Hint for next battle: a rematch, but with a slight twist!)

Who Won?
  • Susie
  • Taranza
  • Tie
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Welp, no one saw my story

This Marx Rejection Arc is gonna take longer than I thought.
The Marx Rejection Arc: Sir Kibble's Carnival
The Marx Rejection Arc: Sir Kibble's Carnival @getfandom
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SOTS S1 E2 P2 (changed mind about Mario crossover)

*the portal takes them to a weird dimension* *everyone lands in a pile except MK, who lands next to the pile* Dedede: Who's stepping on my arm?! Playtime: Hey, get off my legs! *Villager and Greg are heard crying under the pile of heroes* *later after everyone got up* G&W: Where are we??? Kirby: Wait... is this... *Beatrix squeals cheerfully* Beatrix: I'm back! Omigosh, I missed this place so much!!! *Villager looks at Beatrix confusedly* Beatrix: Guys, welcome to The Far, Far Range! *everyone sees the beauty of the planet* Playtime: This place is so beautiful! *a Pink Slime bounces over* Kirby: What is this thing? G&W: You guys related? *giggles* Kirby: No. G&W: Dude, it was a joke! Beatrix: Guys, follow me! *jetpacks off* *MK picks everyone else up and flies after her*
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Here are the transcript of the Necromancy Mages Commandos and Jemz.

Note: most of them are parodies of the transcript of Kirby Star Allies.

Encountering Nezeron

Nezeron: Greetings, visitor. This is Seiran, Kingdom of Festival. Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Nezeron, I......or actually, WE are the ones who protect this kingdom. It seems that you fell strange here, don't you. How about a battle? I hope this......could make you understand......The power of Necromancy Mages!

Encountering Epsila

Epsila: Bonjam. I've learn the Jambastion languages recently, isn't it cool? I'm Epsila, and I am the guardian of this place. Heh......I bet that you like this kingdom, right? Phew, I actually received an order of defeating you, and I don't want to. However, if I did......I can save my whole family!

Encountering Upsila

Upsila: Stop! I've never seen you before! That pink sphere......Yes! are the one who defeated Epsila, didn't you? If a single hair of hers is harmed, HOW WOULD YOU PAY FOR THIS!? J......Jamblasted......I'll never forgive you! Anyway, as of being the same person as Epsila, I, you harmed my beloved sister......You must pay for it!

Encountering Zed Platina 

Zed: Bonjour, stranger. The name's Zed Platina, the leader of my Necromancy Mages. Hmm, Upsila isn't strong enough to defeat you......Fine. We are the masters of extreme power. By finishing my boss, Jemz's plan, I, Zed Platina......WILL DESTROY YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

After defeating Zed

Zed: Too......baaaaaad......You demon beast! That is all you got!? I.....I thought I could banish you!! How~e~ver~ Even without the Monster Sword, I had my plan finished! Observe, Pinky......Yes......Yes......YES!! LOOK AT IT CRUMBLE!!! AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Au revior!

Nezeron (rematch)

Nezeron: Hmph! We've met again. Last time I saw you escaping from the structure in Pop Star. *And now I fought you lose because of the destruction.* Fine. Now I must defeat you.......In the order of Jemz!

Epsila (rematch)

Epsila: ......Bonjam. It's nice to see you again. Upsila and I, actually, oppose Jemz and we want a better life. So, I want someone to defeat me. It seems......This will be our last meeting!

Upsila (rematch)

Upsila: ......Bonjam. I must apologise for my speech in Seiran. Jemz asked me to greet you. He's kind, isn't he? Unfortunately, although we oppose him......Battling is the only method to save my family!

Zed Platina (rematch)

Zed: Halt! Pinky! Unbelievable! This Nebula Palace has strong security forces, and you ruined it all by yourself! Then this meaaaaans, You defeat Nezel^ and the twins" right? But Jemz's plan never fails! My last words are..... YOUR JOURNEY ENDS HERE!

^Nezel: Nezeron.

"the twins: Epsila and Upsila. Zed actually mistaken them as twins, but they are actually the same person.

After defeating Zed/Encountering Jemz

Zed: No......I......don't

(Jemz transfers Zed into a cocoon)

Jemz: Pathetic Zed. He should talk about manners. Well, Pinky, or......should I call you......Kirby? I'm Jemz, just a simple Pope. As you can see, I collect my beloved 'guinea pigs' as energy for this grave. It is used to revive my lord. So~I don't know what you think about it. But......if anyone opposes me, I'll be kind to ask them......THOSE EVIL LIFE-FORMS MUST BE EXTERMINATED!!!!

Jemz (2nd Phase)

Jemz: Wha......What.......WHAT......!? HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!

After defeating Jemz

Jemz: Ki......Kijal(Meaning bravo in ancient Seiran), Kirby, are such an elite life-form...... Unfortunately, You're too late. The lives of the mages are absorbed, fully absorbed~Hahaha. Now the Grand Finale critical sacrifice......LOOK, KIRBY, LOOK AT THE WORLD COMING INTO AN END!!!! Now.......Let me introduce our Lord to you.......COME FOURTH.......GREAT GALACTUS ETERNA!!

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The Marx Rejection Arc: Sir Kibble's Carnival

Previous Part:
(When good times go bad)
Léa: Woah this is so cool!
Sir Kibble: Step right up in Sir Kibble's Carnival and get a chance to win awesome prizes!
K1rby: What are you waiting for!? Let's go!
Back at Dreamland...
Marx: Heh heh heh... Well well well... If it isn't Resolution Road... There's a Smash Convention here... Let's crash it...
Marx split himself in half, creating multiple lazers which COMPLETELY wrecked Resolution Road! He proceeded to attack the rest of Dreamland with his powers and Clone Army.
Back at the Carnival...
K1rby: I can totally do Hit-The-Bell!
He managed to ring the bell.
K1rby: Nice!
Bandana Waddle Dee: Good job!
K1rby: Woah, Bandana Waddle Dee, what are you doing here!?
Bandana Waddle Dee: Well, Kirby and Gooey dragged me here. At least they have free Internet so that I can play Fortnite!
K1rby: I guess so.
Bandana Waddle Dee: Kirby and Gooey are at the Food Bazaar here.
Elsewhere in the Carnival...
Léa: Where's the Basketball Hoops... There it is!
But as she got there, Meggy was there.
Léa:.......... You...
Meggy:.......... You...
Their rivally started to kick in.
Sir Kibble: Oh boy. Battle of the Squidkids. Is it happening?
Marina: Uh... No. That's scheduled next week.
Agent 3 rushed in.
Agent 3: Guys, guys! Marx is attacking!
Everyone: Huh!?
Agent 3: I was on patrol until I saw Marx coming STRAIGHT to Diamond City!
Agent 8: Is this why you didn't join in the fun!?
Agent 3: Y...Yeah... Anyway, I recruited the original Smash roster to put an stop to Marx, are you in?
K1rby: I suppose so...
Léa: Welp...
Later, Agent 3 with (almost) everyone on his side is about to have a showdown with Marx.
Agent 3: Do not leave Marx undefeated!
K1rby: I have absolutely no idea how to defeat him in this state.
Marx split himself in half again. This time, he created multiple laser beams! Everyone tried to stop the lasers... but was caught in the lasers... Except for K1rby, who was smart enough to flee. Marx eventually gave up.
Marx: Pfft. What can he do anyway. Time for takeover!
K1rby eventually crash-landed in the now-apocalyptic Dreamland.
K1rby: This reminds me of World of Light...
Meanwhile, in Diamond City, poor 9-Volt was hiding in a dumpster.
9-Volt: *cough* *cough*... Im NEVER hiding in a dumpster again...! At least I still have my game!

To be continued....
Here is a list of the following survivors
-Everyone in Hyrule and outside of Planet Popstar


Splatoon Branch:
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Magolor’s DLC Trailer
Kirby Star Allies - Magolor Trailer (Wave 3 DLC)
Kirby Star Allies - Magolor Trailer (Wave 3 DLC) YouTube
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General Kirby Humor (Kirby Characters Portrayed By Spongebob)

Kirby Characters Portrayed By Spongebob
Kirby Characters Portrayed By Spongebob YouTube
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SOTS S1 E2 P1 (first crossover!)

*at Kirby's house* Kirby: Ah, what a beautiful day today! *a tiny purple magical sphere thingy flies over Kirby's head* Kirby: What is this? *Kirby chases the tiny purple magical sphere thingy* *at Dedede and Greg's house* Greg: Ooh, pwetty! Dedede: Wait, it might be dangerous... Greg: But daddy, I wanna tuf it wif my haaaaaaanz! *wiggles his tiny arms* *the tiny purple magical sphere thingy enters the house and rubs itself against Greg lovingly* Dedede: Wha... what is going on? *Dedede and Greg follow the tiny purple magical sphere thingy outside* *at G&W's house* G&W: What is that? *G&W follows the tiny purple magical sphere thingy* *after everyone came outside* MK: So what is this? Beatrix: I think it's a spirit of some sort... Playtime: Maybe it's a portal to a new area? *the tiny purple magical sphere thingy opens to reveal a big purple magical portal* Playtime: I called it! *the big purple magical portal sucks everyone in* Everyone: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!
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The Marx Rejection Arc: Nathan and Meta Knight in: The Kidnap

Previous Part:

(They're gonna play a game...)

Nathan: Wh... Where... Where am I...?

Meta Knight: I would ask the same thing.

Nathan: Meta Knight!? What are you doing here!?

Meta Knight: I would ask the same thing!

A Television revealed a Mysterious Figure

???: Welcome to my game...

Nathan: What game!?

???: That's what you're playing now! Round 1: How do you escape? I bet it's Impossible!

Nathan: I need to think...

Meta Knight noticed a lever with a Danger sign.

Meta Knight: We should avoid that.

Nathan: I feel tempted to pull it...

???: Uh... Don't pull it...

Nathan:... Argh, whatever!

Nathan pulled the switch, a hidden door opened.

???: Welp, you figured it out. Move along.


???: Are you ready for Round 2?

Infront was a hallway filled with traps.

Nathan: This is not gonna end well.

Meta Knight: Hm... There seems to be an exploit.

He pointed to a developer's door.

Nathan: Huh...? Oh!

???: Ugh... I forgot to remove it... I'll take that as cheating! And cheaters get their punishment.

Two massive claws grabbed Nathan and Meta Knight!

Nathan: Hey, let us go!

???: Now face punishment! One of you will fall into this pit and say bye-bye to your 1-Up! Spin the Roulette! Who is it gonna be...?

It was... Meta Knight.

The claw that was holding onto Meta Knight let go of him.

Nathan: NOOOOOOOOO...!

The "pit" was actually a massive black mattress.

Meta Knight: Uh... What...?

Nathan: Huh!? I gotta try and escape!

The claw was too strong.

???: Nope, i'll just send him to the surface.

Meta Knight: Don't worry, I'll be fine!

Meta Knight was ejected to the surface.

???: As for you, Nathan: It's time for a bonus round!

Everything went black.

Nathan: What's going on!?

Nathan is suddenly tied up to a chair.

Nathan: H...Huh!?

The Mysterious Figure appeared in front of Nathan.

???: Tell me, will you be my friend?

Nathan:... After you made me thought Meta Knight fell into a pit!? Never!

???: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

Nathan: Uh... Are you okay...?

The Mysterious Figure was revealed to be... Marx!?

Nathan: M... Marx!? Marx: Hahaha... Thank you for rejecting me! Nathan: Uh... What...? Marx: I sent a friend request to everyone in Planet Popstar while I was creating my clones...

Sometime earlier...



Marx: Wanna be my friend?

XXK1rbyF4nB0y69Xx: Nope!

DreamySquid32: Sorry, but no.

Kirby: >:(

KingOfAnime: After what you did? Never!

B_W_Dee: You hate Fortnite! I would never befriend you!

What...?: No...?

AdoPaints42: Ugh... Marx, no.

IH8DarkMatter127: No... Just no...

ThatGirlWhoLivesInTheMansionNextDoor: I would... But what I heard from Dedede? No.

R0ckStarP3nny_06: Nah...

KateCrygor_22: I completely agree with Penny here.

ROBLOXIAN: Sorry, but I already reached the limit for my friends...

Waluigi: You'll get in Smash one day...

ZanPartizanne: Nopenopenopenope.

PrincessOfIce: I won't accept your friend request!

Baldi: You hate math, Marx!

Night_Cap: Um... NO.

xX_K1ng_0f_5m45h_Ult1m4te_4nd_N00b_D35tr0y3r_69_Xx: Oh heck no, m8!


Marx: For every reject they make, my power is fueled in order for me to reach my Ultimate Form.. Until I realised... It wasn't enough... So I remembered capturing Meta Knight and my Clones capturing you... I figured, If I got one if you to reject me, I would get enough rejection to reach my Ultimate Form...

Nathan:... Are you insane!?

Marx: Now... Say goodbye!

Marx split himself into half, which then created a laser beam, which hit Nathan... And he was gone... as if he had disintergrated... Marx put himself back together.

Marx: Excellent...

Marx teleported away.


Maglor: *sigh*...

Meta Knight suddenly landed next to Maglor.

Maglor: Oh... Hey Meta Knight...

Meta Knight: What's wrong, Maglor?

Maglor: Oh, uh... Nothing...

Meta Knight: Ok...

Meta Knight left.

Maglor: Marx... I don't need you...! I miss you...


Léa: K1rby, Sir Kibble's hosting a Carnival in Diamond City, we should go!

K1rby: Then let's go!

Meanwhile, Maglor seems to be packing up.

Maglor: Marx... I'm coming for you...

To be continued...


I TRIED to reference World of Light here.


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And just like that

The Three Mage-Sisters are here! This time as foes AND friends! They might become friends after you beat Heroes in Another Dimension or something...

And with that, the modern sextet are all playable!

Post image
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The Marx Rejection Arc: Attack of The Clones

Previous Part:

(Things are gonna get worse)

At Nathan's House, he was just playing Wii Fit.

Nathan: Bandana Waddle Dee, are you done taking a dump?

Bandana Waddle Dee: Uh... No...?

Nathan: Let me guess, you're playing Fortnite.

Bandana Waddle Dee: I'm not... Ok, you got me.

He left the toilet.

Bandana Waddle Dee: Ok, I'm done. Uh... Nathan...? Are you okay...?

Nathan: Do you realise something?

Bandana Waddle Dee: No...?

Nathan: Well, there's TWO Marxs outside!

Bandana Waddle Dee: Uh... You're right! Somthing's up!

Nathan: And it's not good!

Three Marxs broke in!

Nathan: Get on my Octobike!

Bandana Waddle Dee: Ok! Ok!

They escaped to Resolution Roaad... But they were caught in a Traffic Jam.

Nathan: Ugh... Traffic Jams...

Bandana Waddle Dee: I feel you... The Marxs are coming!!!

Dedede appeared and whacked the clones with his Hammer!

King Dedede: Gottem! To the Castle!

Nathan: Uh... Ok...

At Castle Dedede...

King Dedede: Listen, Marx has gone crazy!

Nathan: Uh... Why...?

King Dedede: He's not in Smash...

Bandana Waddle Dee: Seriously...?

King Dedede: Yep! Get upstaris! It's safer.

Nathan: Uh... Ok.


King Dedede: Watch out for any rampant clones! Marx has been creating these!

Bandana Waddle Dee: Ok...


Nathan: No clones yet...

Banging came in... An army of Marx clones came in, infesting the Throne Room!

King Dedede: The throne room! Get the clones!

They tried to fend off the clones... But they were too powerful.

Nathan: The clones are as powerful as the real thing!

Bandana Waddle Dee: Retreat!

King Dedede: I agree!


Bandana Waddle Dee: What should we do to stop these clones!?

Nathan: Uh... Oh! A ladder to the roof!

King Dedede: Good Idea!

They took refuge on the roof.

Bandana Waddle Dee: We should be safe from here.

The Marx Clones flew and surrounded them! There's clones on the ground too!

Nathan: What the heck!?

One of the clones attacked Nathan, but he avoided the attack... But he was on the edge. Bandana Waddle Dee quickly grabbed him.

Bandana Waddle Dee: I... Won't let you go...

Nathan:... Let go of me... I'll be fine...

Bandana Waddle Dee let go of Nathan has he watched him plunge into the horde of clones.

King Dedede:... It's over...

Just then, Susie in her Mech came in!

King Dedede: Whaaat!?

The mech's hands started to spin rapidly, utterly destroying the Marx Clones!

Susie: Pinkie, drop the bomb!

In the air, Kirby was in his Jet Mode Robobot Armor.

Kirby: Poyo!

Kirby released a bomb which destroyed all the Marx Clones.

Bandana Waddle Dee: Thanks for saving us, Susie!

Susie: No problem, why were Clones attacking you anyway?

King Dedede: Marx created these clones because he's not happy because he's rejected from Smash!

Susie: I see, we'll try and find a way to stop him.

Bandana Waddle Dee: I hope so...

Susie: Wanna come over?

Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede: Nah...

Susie: We have free Internet and Anime!

Bandana Waddle Dee and King Dedede: Heck yeah!

To be continued...


By the way, Marx has a Staff in his Rejection form and he stole a Cloning Machine from Dr. Crygor.


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